Member Agencies

If you are a Member Agency and want to place an order, click on the link "Order Forms" below. 

Online ordering is not available at the present time. Please click on the link below for a current list, print the form and then fax it to the Food Bank at (325) 695-3948. Include name of agency, name of shopper and desired pick up date. 

How to Become a Member Agency


 v To be eligible to receive food from the Food Bank of West Central Texas, an organization must meet specific criteria, such as:


  • Must be recognized by the IRS as having a current 501 ( c ) 3 tax-exempt status or meet the definitional requirements of a church as established by the IRS.
  • Must provide food or meals to the needy at no charge
  • Must be located in the 13-county area served by the Food Bank of West Central Texas
These are minimum requirements of the application process. There are other qualifying factors involved. If your organization is interested in becoming a member agency, please call Joy Fincher, Director of Programs & Agency Relations, at (325) 695-6311 or contact her via email at for further information.  
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