Backpacks for Kids Program


 We are currently serving hungry children in 55 schools in the Big Country!

Backpacks for Kids provides child-friendly, nutritious foods for chronically hungry children over the weekend at no cost to the child or the family.

We work through your local school system, often in conjunction with concerned citizens, churches & civic groups to provide financial and volunteer support to make Backpacks for Kids a successful endeavor.  



 2005:  The Backpack Program was piloted as a national program of Feeding America.TM

  The National Council approved the Backpack Program of the Feeding America TM Network.

2006-2011:  College Heights Elementary in Abilene, TX became our pilot program, and now we have expanded to 55 schools in the Big Country!




  • Abilene:  Locust and Woodson Headstart Programs, Bassetti, Bowie, Lee, Long, Johnston, Martinez, Ortiz, Reagan Elementary & Pre-K, and Thomas

    • Breckenridge:  North, East & South Elementary Schools

    • Brownwood:  15 Schools in Brown county

    • Albany
    • Eula 
    • Rising Star
    • Anson
    • Gorman 
    • Sidney 


    • Ballinger 
    • Gustine 


    • Stamford 
    • Cisco  
    • Hamlin 
    • Sweetwater
    • Clyde 
    • Hawley 
    • Winters
    • Coleman
    • Jim Ned 
    • Wylie Headstart 
    • Comanche 
    • Merkel 
    • DeLeon
    • Novice 
    • Eastland Elem & Pre-K 
    •  Ranger



    Backpacks for Kids provides backpacks filled with food that is child friendly, nonperishable, and easily consumed. Backpacks are discreetly distributed to children on Friday afternoons and or before holiday vacations.

    Chronically hungry children are targeted to receive the backpacks. They are identified by a teacher or counselor, and parents are asked permission for the child to participate.

    Currently, 1 sack filled with food cost $4.50. Therefore, to feed a hungry child each weekend during the school year, it takes $162.00.

    Backpacks for Kids is sustained through many generous donations of individuals, groups; and grants from commercial sources, as well as Foundations. 



    Backpack Fall Menu '13-14'




     Breakfast  Lunches
    White Milk Peanut Butter
    Fruit Rings Cereal Pouches Fruit Cocktail
    Chocolate Milk Apple Juice Box
    Oatmeal Cracker Sandwiches
     Dinners  Snacks
    Mini Ravioli Fruit Snacks
    Corn Trail Mix
    Easy Mac
    Grape Juice Box
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